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Here are some frequently asked questions regarding estimates, insurance companies, and collision repair.

Q: Do you accept my Insurance?

A: We accept ALL insurance, and it is your choice where to take your vehicle….MN STATE LAW

Q: How much does an estimate cost and how do I get one?

A: Apple Valley Collision offers free estimates from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Tuesday thru Friday. We also offer online estimates as well

Q: Can I get an estimate over the phone?

A: No. In order to write a proper estimate, our estimators must see damaged areas on site and in person. Many times there is damage that can not be seen with out a through visual inspection.

Q: What if the insurance company’s estimate is lower than your estimate — do I owe the difference? Will my vehicle still be repaired properly?

A: No, you are not required to pay the difference. Yes, your vehicle will be repaired properly despite variance in estimates.

Q: Why is my insurance company’s estimate different?

A: The main cause for estimate variance is due to a incomplete estimate or things that were overlooked when writing the initial estimate.  Estimating program system differences may also be the case.

Q: Can you use the estimate my insurance company wrote for me?

A: Yes, we can work from any insurance company estimate.

Q: How long does an estimate take?

A: Estimates usually take approximately 10- 15 minutes. Vehicles that have an extensive amount of damage may require slightly more time for proper estimation of damage.

Q: How long will you need my vehicle?

A: Repair times vary depending on type and amount of damage a vehicle has sustained. Upon estimation of damage, our trained and certified estimators can give an approximate time frame for repair.

Q: What is your warranty?

A: Apple Valley Collision offers a lifetime warranty for as long as you own your vehicle.

Q: What about your color match?

A: Our color is 100% guaranteed to match the original paint color of your vehicle.

Q: Do you offer loaner cars?

A: We do not offer loaner cars. Please inquire with a estimator  for rental car information, etc.

Q: Who do I pay my deductible to?

A: Deductibles are paid directly to Apple Valley Collision.

Q: Can I pay my deductible with my credit card?

A: Yes, Apple Valley Collision honors Visa & MasterCard

Q: Can you tow my vehicle if it is not drivable?

A: Yes, please call the shop during normal business hours  7am – 5pm Mon-Fri and we can set up to have your vehicle towed.  If it is after hours or on a weekend please call Dick’s Valley Service @ 952-432-2848

Q: Who pays my towing bill?

A: Apple Valley Collision will pay the bill up front and then bill the insurance company that is responsible for towing charges.

Q: Can I drop my vehicle off prior to my appointment?

A: Yes, we have a key drop located on north side of building to the left of the office doors on the garage door that says drive-in estimates.  There is a little access door at the bottom of the garage door where you can fit your keys through.

Q: Where should I park my vehicle when I leave it for repairs?

A: Parking is available on the north and west sides of the building. Please be sure to remove valuables and lock your vehicle.

Q: What is paintless dent removal?

A: Using specialized training and equipment, dents (such as hail and small door dings) can be removed keeping your vehicle’s original paint intact.

Q: What type of parts are used to repair my vehicle?

A: Apple Valley Collision uses only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts unless otherwise specified by the owner. Please note we also use some recycled OEM parts as well as aftermarket parts.

Q: Do I need more then one estimate?

A:  NO.  There is “no law” requiring you to get more then one estimate. you only need one estimate from the place you want your vehicle repaired. If the insurance company wants a second estimate, they can send their own appraiser to look at the vehicle at the shop or at your residence.  Apple Valley Collision will honor the insurance companies estimate despite it being different, it is a starting point to getting your vehicle repaired. If additional damage is found once the repairs are started we would call the insurance adjuster for a supplement to take care of the extra damage found.

Q: My car might not be safe to drive, what should I do?

A: Never drive a vehicle that may be unsafe or undrivable. your safety is worth much more than the cost of a tow, and most insurances policies have coverage for towing. Call us and we will have your vehicle towed to our safe and secure lot. If you need a tow after hours, Apple Valley Collision uses Dick’s Valley Service in Apple Valley. Please call 952-432-2848  for 24-hour towing.

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